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Commercial areas make up a moderate amount of the City of Redwood Falls, totaling 330 acres. Historically, most of the city's commercial areas were small-scale commercial businesses, but since the development of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan, several large-scale commercial establishments have developed along the Highway 19 corridor. Today's commercial uses are concentrated in two areas of the city; in the central business district and along the Highway 19/71 corridors.

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Very little vacant land remains zoned for commercial use in the city. There are only a few parcels left that front upon Highways 19/71. A few vacant buildings in the downtown area also could be used for commercial purposes, most of which are in need of rehabilitation but do present development potential.

It is for these reasons, as well as, the opportunity of the land availability in a highly accessible area of Redwood Falls that the city has moved forward with developing Reflection Ridge Business Park.

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