Current and Future


A critical component of any commercial or residential development opportunity is zoning. Current zones and future rezoning plans for Reflection Ridge and Reflection Prairie are outlined below.


Zoning Designation

The parcels set aside for this brand-new development in Redwood Falls are currently zoned as Agricultural. Public drain tile exists on the Southwest parcel.

Rezoning Plans

In light of the development efforts already underway the City has rezoned the parcels according. The zoning will be revised to reflect Rural Residential (R-R) for Reflection Prairie and Light Industrial for Reflection Ridge business park.

Ecology of Redwood Falls

The soil is primarily well-drained or moderately well-drained, loamy soil with occasional areas of clay, sand and gravel. Reflection Ridge and Reflection Prairie development stays true to the native vegetation of the area, with tallgrass and other prairie grasses that thrive in the natural environmental conditions of the region.

Additional Zoning and Permit Details

The Planning & Zoning department of the City of Redwood Falls offers more detailed information on zoning plans. Various land use, building, zoning and other permitting applications can be found here as well.

Contact us to review zoning information for development opportunities.

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