A Thriving

Business Community

Redwood Falls enjoys a thriving business community with plenty of room and support to welcome new businesses.

Redwood County Businesses

Existing Businesses and Industries of Redwood Falls

Many businesses choose to call Redwood Falls home. Several industries are represented here, including:

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Healthcare & Social Assistance

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Retail Trade

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Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

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Opportunities for

Business Development

Redwood Falls offers exponential room for new businesses to grow, with many amenities that are convenient for industry of all kinds.

The many existing businesses in the city offer plenty of job opportunities for families moving or starting businesses here. A trained workforce offers up the opportunity for new and existing businesses alike to hire community members for a variety of positions, from general labor to executive roles.

Beyond workforce and job opportunities, the Redwood Falls area is a safe yet inviting place to call home. Miles of trails and outdoor recreational opportunities abound. Historical attractions surround the area, offering educational and recreational opportunities for families and individuals. High-quality schools are accessible to all residents, as are childcare facilities and retail stores that allow residents to purchase whatever they need without having to leave the community.

In addition, businesses here enjoy robust economic development support through the Redwood County Economic Development Authority.

For more information about business support and opportunities, please contact us.

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