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Redwood Falls, Minnesota

The City of Redwood Falls, Minnesota is nestled along the fertile and picturesque Minnesota River Valley in northern Redwood County. Although surrounded by prairie lands of wonderful fertility, Redwood Falls has an exceptional and rugged scenic beauty to it, with the Redwood River running through wooded cliffs and unique geologic formations. As the County seat of Redwood County, the City serves as a sub-regional economic hub for a market area of approximately 17,000 residents within Redwood and Renville Counties.

The City is defined by more than its beautiful scenery and history, as it is also home to loyal, committed and deeply rooted residents that have helped share the community of the years. Contributing to the City’s connection with the land are major events such as Farmfest, the largest agricultural event in Minnesota, and many outdoor activities with Ramsey Park, the largest municipal park.

City of Redwood Falls


Half the distance between the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls, SD
Home to Major Highways, 19, 67 and 71
5,200 Residents
Industries and Opportunity

The neighboring communities of Granite Falls, Marshall, Montevideo and Windom, and within two hours from the larger communities of Mankato, Sioux Falls and the Twin Cities Metro position Redwood Falls in the center of a large and dynamic workforce.

Over 60% of its labor currently supports private companies, followed by government, not-for-profit, and self-employment positions. Services and support provided by the local health care and education system have been noted as top notch, surpassing capabilities and expertise offered in comparable communities.

Redwood Falls Water Park

A Vibrant Community

With its rich history and close-knit community, the City of Redwood Falls continues to pursue economic development opportunities that position it as a vibrant, amenity-rich place not only to live and do business in, but as an attractive and fun place to visit.

Quality of life and economic development depends on businesses that are supported by the city and its residents. Redwood Falls focuses on policies that support businesses and employees, such as daycare availability, broadband initiatives, housing, and general amenities that impact livability.

The City of Redwood Falls builds upon its existing elements in order to promote a robust economy, including having a variety of businesses, maintaining a low unemployment rate and offering natural and recreational activities.

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