Redwood Falls

Top Workforce Industries

Healthcare & Social Assistance

Hospital Entrance

This sector includes occupations such as home health aides, licensed nurses, doctors and health services managers. With healthcare service options available for both short and long-term care, including senior living, residents have access to services generally sought outside of the city limits for comparable sized communities. Carris Health – Redwood provides critical access care, with North Memorial Health provides ambulance and helicopter care.


Male Manual Workers Manufacturing Sheet Metal At Industry

This sector is comprised of establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances or components into new products. Positions can include occupations such as production workers, inspectors, testers, machinists, and purchasing agents. With noted opportunities to bring in additional industrial partners to the community with attractive land use and economic development models, this sector makes a positive impact on the city.

Retail Trade

Clothes On Hangers In A Retail Shop

This sector comprises establishments engaged in retailing merchandise, with positions including cashiers, customer services representatives, supervisors, salespersons, and store clerks. With the majority of residents supporting local establishments within the city limits, whether privately owned or public, retail is a critical sector within the city. There is opportunity to add retail shops throughout the community to enhance and complement the accommodation and food services sector advancements.

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

Zeb Overlook

This sector includes a wide range of establishments that operate facilities or provide services to meet varied cultural, entertainment, and recreational interests. Through mainstay recreation services offered through Ramsey Park, and positive advancements such as the addition of the outdoor Aquatic Center and the Redwood Area Community Center this sector is at the core of the city’s livelihood.


Business Building

This sector includes occupations such as teachers, administrators, and teacher assistants at what has been noted as a leading educational system for local K-12 schooling needs. A robust public and private school system positively supports Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School and High School learners and their families. Local support from the Lower Sioux Indian Community, donors, supporters and community leaders places the Redwood Area School District among the leaders in the state of Minnesota.


Combine In Cornfield

This sector is comprised of several businesses that support the agricultural community that has a rich history in Redwood Falls. Research, manufacturing, retail, and ag finance are some of the strong industries based in Redwood Falls that work to sustain and grow the agricultural community in and surrounding Redwood Falls.

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