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Redwood Falls

Vision Statement

To build upon the strong heritage and natural beauty of Redwood Falls while offering progressive opportunities that embrace and engage a diverse community that allows the city to thrive for generations to come.


One way to examine the adequacy of public health in a community is to more closely examine their levels of livability through AARP’s Livability index. While livability is defined on the index by seven major categories including housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement and opportunity, Redwood Falls scores on health specifically, is 55 with an overall Index Score of 62. This satisfaction rating relative to healthcare is also very insightful and coincides with previous feedback on Redwood Falls’ outstanding hospital.


While not always visible or top of mind, the systems of Wastewater, Water and Stormwater, have a daily effect on the safety and security of City residents. Approximately 1.75 million gallons of treated water storage serve the City's needs. The City of Redwood Falls has been reconstructing and replacing water mains over the last 25 years as part of infrastructure improvement plans, which has proven to be a positive forward-looking approach.


One of the primary functions of a city is providing a transportation network to move goods and people to, from, through and within the city.

The City of Redwood Falls is a hub for vehicular traffic within the area. State Highways, 19, 67 and US Highway 71 run through the city. Other county routes, some of which area state-aid, also traverse through the city. Some routes are also designated as municipal state aid routes, which makes them eligible for partial DOT funding.

The City owns and operates the Redwood Falls Municipal Airport. The construction of a new hangar supports the activity of this valuable community asset.

Redwood Falls Airport

The nearby Minnesota Valley Regional Railroad Authority Railroad primarily transports agricultural commodities. The track includes 95 miles that run from Norwood to Hanley Falls. The track is leased to the Minnesota Prairie Line, a subsidiary of the Twin Cities and Western Railroad. An aspiration of the MVRAA is to provide passenger rail service to connect the region with the Twin Cities. The service would not necessarily be geared toward regular commuter traffic, but instead toward recreational sightseeing and/or dinner-theater tours.

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