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The community of Redwood Falls is growing, which means a need for infrastructure that supports new and existing businesses. Solid infrastructure is one key component of the new developments at Reflection Ridge Business Park and The Homes of Reflection Prairie. The City of Redwood Falls is making the most out of previous investments to use current resources and tax dollars wisely, building where it makes sense to build while not duplicating or undermining previous expenditures.

Technology in Redwood Falls

Fiber will be available to service the technology and connectivity needs of the business and homes of Reflection Ridge Business Park and The Homes of Reflection Prairie. This upgraded access means a more efficient way to do business in a digital age where access to high-speed, dependable internet is a priority. Businesses and homeowners will have internet options that work best for their needs.


When streets are designed to be part of a complete network, community members can choose how they prefer to get from point A to point B. The streets within Reflection Ridge and Reflection Prairie will be designed this way, with the appropriate speed limits, width and distance from buildings, trees and benches, to safely move the flow of traffic. Yet they’ll also appeal to pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit users.

Community members are already able to get safely around Redwood Falls with or without a car. The Reflection's project will make it even easier and safer to walk or bike to popular destinations throughout the city and community.

Sewer and Utility Installation

Businesses and individuals considering a location within The Homes of Reflection Prairie or Reflection Ridge Business Park will have access to everything they need to get up and running quickly, including utilities.

As development progresses, storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems will be installed within the business development sites. The land will be cleared and graded to appropriate standards as new watermains, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems are installed. In addition, electric and natural gas will be brought in to serve electricity, heating and cooling needs for businesses of all sizes.

Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Systems

Just as streets are important to infrastructure within a community, so are its water systems. The city water system uses a looping system, and the entire city is generally well-looped. New developments will include their own internal looping systems along with multiple connections as needed.

The City of Redwood Falls completed a Facility Plan in 2016 to review existing water treatment systems, which were found to have adequate capacity with room for the city to continue growing. Wastewater from the Reflection's project will be collected via a larger sewer system and sent for treatment at the municipal sewage treatment facility. A looped system is large enough for fire suppression.

Reflection Ridge Business Park will have a separate lift station and will undergo grading in an effort to protect against flooding. Infrastructure is designed larger than needed to prepare for future growth.

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Walkability, safety, beauty and access to utilities and high-speed internet are critical ingredients in designing the infrastructure for the Reflection's project. When these elements are brought together through careful, smart design, the Redwood Falls community enjoys enhanced safety, convenience, and choices in how they get around and where they go.

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