5 Ways People in Redwood Falls Support Their Local Businesses

Redwood Falls, a town of approximately 5,000 residents in southwest Minnesota, features a booming business community. In order to maintain the successful business community, we all need to play a role. Here are five ways to support our local businesses without spending a dime (although they would appreciate it if you would spend a dime!).

Choose Local Businesses 

Many people go outside their local community to shop for items because “well, the grass always seems greener and the price tags always seem smaller.” However, there are other factors that are forgotten when looking into the overall price such as shipping or fuel expenses. Many times local businesses can be competitive when you factor these elements in. Then when you shop locally, you can’t forget that you are actually supporting your neighbors, friends and family. Local businesses are the ones that are supporting your kids' little league team and contributing to the community in ways that other stores cannot.

Though only member local businesses are mentioned, local chambers are a great resource for finding organizations in your community. 

Redwood County Businesses

Find New Small Businesses in Your Area 

Part of a healthy local, business economy is startups. Redwood Falls supports a number of new and evolving businesses that offer new products and services, often lending a hand to employment opportunities for the local community. 

Leave Online Reviews 

Help other people discover your favorite local businesses with online reviews. A business can share how great they are all day long, but it only goes so far. When a customer shares how great their experience is with a business, it helps other potential customers to trust the business more and know the quality of their experience. 

Spread the Word 

There’s more than one way to share your love for a local business. The easiest way is to go find your favorite stores, shops, businesses and nonprofits on Facebook and Instagram and engage with their posts. Engaging with a post means liking it, loving it, writing a comment or sharing the post with your followers. It takes just a few moments and really helps out. A few moments of your time can help spread the word to someone who may not know the local business even exists!

Attend Local Events

Attending local events is another really great way to support Redwood Falls businesses. You are probably going to find information about these local events in one of two places: either online (like Facebook or organizations’ websites) or at Dari King. 

Do your part to continue to support the businesses and organizations in Redwood Falls by making an effort to do one of these suggestions once a week. Remember it doesn’t take much to make a big impact. It can be as simple as telling a friend you went to a great new boutique or commenting “it was such a great event!” on an organization’s Facebook post.

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