Nuvera Fiber Expansion Project in Redwood Falls

In a world where everyone is connected around the clock, broadband has moved from a nicety to a necessity. However, as many in Redwood County are aware, there is no easy solution. Expanding internet access has been near impossible without funding. According to Blandin on Broadband, Redwood County is 84 out of 87 for broadband access in Minnesota. Nuvera has recently began expanding fiber broadband access in Redwood Falls.

About Nuvera

Nuvera is a leading connections company delivering affordable access to today’s technology in all the communities they serve. They are headquartered in New Ulm, MN and work with both businesses and homeowners. As a Minnesota publicly held corporation, Nuvera employs 215 individuals with 11 offices throughout southern Minnesota and northern Iowa. They have been serving Redwood Falls customers since 2002.

Fiber Expansion Project

For more than a decade and through 2021, Nuvera has been extending their fiber network into
communities. In 2022, they began accelerating their fiber expansion process to extend access to fiber. This Nuvera Gig Cities project will take a few years start to finish. The cities included in this project expansion include the following: New Ulm, Hutchinson, Glencoe, Goodhue, Litchfield, Redwood Falls, Prior Lake, Elko New Market, Savage, Sleepy Eye, Springfield, and more surrounding areas.

Investment in Redwood Falls

Fiber is the gold standard for internet connection speed. Nuvera selecting Redwood Falls as one of their towns to expand fiber connections shows investment in our community. Communities thrive as a result. Economic development opportunities attract high value jobs. Access to this resource can help retain and attract workers and students. Fiber homes also have a value increase by an average of 3.1%. When considering installation and repairs, the local teams provide fast, convenient upkeep.

Fiber Expansion Map
Photo from Nuvera

Construction Plan for Fiber Expansion

Nuvera is approaching a two year build plan. Year one started with construction which began June 1st and will end in December of 2023. This first phase generally will be south of Highway 19. As areas are completed, Nuvera will schedule customer installations. Building drops to non-customer households will need to commit to service. Existing customers must transition to the new fiber network.

This fiber expansion project from Nuvera is very exciting for our community. For many who have been waiting for broadband connection improvements, this comes with open arms. While there are others who are still waiting for their opportunity to jump on the increased speed bandwagon, we will continue to share updates from the city and county. Thank you, Nuvera, for helping us get one step closer to broadband connectivity throughout Redwood County!

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