The Redwood Falls Public Library Expansion

The Redwood Falls Public Library is embarking on a fundraising effort to raise 3.2 million dollars for an expansion by April of 2024.

Community Needs are Addressed at the Library

The Redwood Falls Public Library serves as a hub for our region offering a free, safe space for all ages. The Library is a vital piece of the community and offers more than just books; they are educators, facilitators and community linchpins. Because of these roles the library plays in the community, an expansion effort has been in the works since 2015 to better address the needs of the community.

Bubble Drawing

Through a variety of surveys and community brainstorming, the following community and library needs were identified:

  • Expanded children’s area with story time room
  • Nursing room for mothers
  • Expanded large meeting room with kitchen
  • Additional conference rooms to serve 4-8 people
  • More inviting and comfortable teen area
  • Additional book space for children and adults
  • Drive through book drop
  • Additional parking required with city ordinance

The current library structure opened for service in 1996. The library is currently 14,000 square feet and they are looking to add approximately 7,000 square feet to accommodate the identified needs.

How is The Library Expansion Funded

This project is taxpayer free. Connie Lechner, Library Director, shared, “We agreed with the city not to burden the taxpayer. The original library was taxpayer free and we can do it again.”

Redwood Library Expansion

Mrs. Lechner, the team at the library and other volunteer community members that see the value in what the library brings to the community has been working towards funding the expansion through a number of avenues. They have had grants, fund drives, and have been reaching out to the community to raise funds for the cause.

In addition to those fundraising efforts, the library is also optimistic about benefiting from legislative bonding bills. The senate visited the library to take a tour. These bonding bills are “last-in” bills which means they want the library to have the money to a point and then they’ll kick in the rest. Mrs. Lechner states, “They want to know you’re at least 50% there to what you’re asking for.”

How You Can Help

The Redwood Falls Public Library expansion efforts are nearly half funded. With a goal of breaking ground in April of 2024, they need our help! There are several ways you can support the effort:

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