What Kind of Business is a Good Fit for Reflection Ridge?

Exciting times are ahead for the Redwood Falls area. Residents and community officials collaborated to create a housing development and a brand-new business park in the city. Here’s more information on what kind of business is a good fit for Reflection Ridge, the new business park development.

What is Reflection Ridge?

Through a 2017 study on the community of Redwood Falls, a lack of available light industrial and commercial space was identified as a barrier to attracting new and expanding businesses.

Reflection Ridge is a brand-new business park that will provide many new lots for businesses and other commercial organizations. Each commercial lot will be between 3.5-5 acres and is zoned for commercial use.

Benefits for Businesses in Reflection Ridge

One major benefit of having a business located in Reflection Ridge is the proximity to major highways. The development is situated at the intersection of Highways 24 and 1. Highway 71 is only two miles away while U.S. Highway 19/71 is less than a mile from the development.

In addition, the business development is only a few minutes’ drive from the Redwood Falls Municipal Airport. Businesses making their home at Reflection Ridge will enjoy easy access to multiple methods of transportation, which is convenient for their employees. It’s also a major benefit for businesses that rely heavily on shipping and distribution.

Businesses and Industries That Are a Good Fit for Reflection Ridge

Multiple types of businesses and commercial ventures are a good fit for the development at Reflection Ridge. For instance, transportation and logistics companies are a natural fit because of the easy, convenient access to several major highways.

The same is true for warehouses which rely on quick access to major roads to get products to their customers in an efficient manner. Technology companies and manufacturing businesses looking to expand their operations are another great fit since the 3.5-5 acre lots are ideal for larger buildings.

Bringing Business to Reflection Ridge

Many types of businesses and commercial ventures would be a great fit for the Reflection Ridge Business Park. Please contact us if you want to learn more about bringing your business here.

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