What types of housing will be in the Reflection Prairie Development?

Reflection Prairie is part of the new development in progress in Redwood Falls. This portion of the development site will include areas zoned for housing, and many residents are excited to know more about it. Learn what housing types will be in the Reflection Prairie development.

What is the Reflection Prairie Development?

Our 2017 Comprehensive Plan highlighted a need in the Redwood Falls area for additional housing. A lack of commercial space was also identified as a challenge. Community members then came together to create plans for a business park, called Reflection Ridge, and space for new housing, called Reflection Prairie.

Housing Types Planned for Reflection Prairie

To attract new residents to the area, it’s important to have adequate housing available. Families come in all sizes, so the development is designed to offer several types of housing.

The development includes twenty-seven single family lots available for building a new home. We are also seeking contractors to build both townhomes and multi-family housing units.

In short, the development will offer a variety of transitional housing opportunities to suit families of all sizes. This not only attracts new residents to the area, but it also provides opportunities for our senior residents to downsize if they choose. That’s important because it means they stay in our community while larger homes are then put on the market for people who would like more space.

Benefits of Living at Reflection Prairie

The variety of housing types is designed to appeal to a variety of people. Plus, Reflection Prairie as a whole is designed with several enticing amenities and benefits for everyone to enjoy.

Located in the southeast corner of the city, Reflection Prairie is close to several major highways which make it very easy for commuters to get to work. The area is intentionally designed to stay true to the natural landscape, so it includes native plants and grasses. Walking paths and trails are also planned throughout the development, inviting residents to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Beyond the development itself, Redwood Falls contains many attractions and things to do. The community has excellent schools and healthcare facilities along with restaurants and shopping opportunities. It’s small town living with larger city amenities, so Redwood Falls is the best of both worlds.

Learn More about Housing at Reflection Prairie

If you’d like to learn more about houses, townhomes, or apartments at Reflection Prairie, please give us a call.

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