Greenspace Options at Reflection Prairie

Homes of Reflection Prairie is a new development located in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Lots for single family homes as well as multi-family housing units are currently available for purchase. Plenty of beautiful outdoor space will be available for residents to enjoy in this new development. At the moment, these greenspaces haven’t yet been fully designed, but there is plenty of planning going on. Here’s a look at some of the greenspace options at Reflection Prairie.

Greenspaces Have Multiple Benefits

Having greenspace nearby brings a wealth of benefits to community members. Trees, grasses, and other green and growing plants aren’t just beautiful to look at. They bring some very important benefits, which is why greenspace will be thoughtfully incorporated at Reflection Prairie.

For example, making a place for greenspace means the overall quality of air improves. It also helps prevent erosion and can even improve the quality of soil. Greenspace improves water quality and lessens noise, making for a quieter, more peaceful area.


What Will Greenspace Look Like at Reflection Prairie?

Right now, plans are still in the works for designing the greenspaces throughout Reflection Prairie. What is absolutely certain, however, is the focus on native grasses and plants to stay true to the natural beauty of the Redwood Falls area.

There will be walking paths around the pond as part of the development, and discussion is being held about connecting those paths to future trail projects. Families will enjoy ample play space within the community park that’s being planned. The park area will provide plenty of opportunities for a neighborhood ball game or a friendly game of tag.

Redwood Falls Reflection Video Image

Learn More about Reflection Prairie

The Homes of Reflection Prairie will be a beautiful development, complete with both single family and multi-family housing units and greenspace. All residents will be free to enjoy the paths, ponds, and parks within the development and reap the many benefits of spending time in greenspace. To learn more about development updates, please contact us.

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