Reflection Prairie Project Update

A late spring has delayed the start for the Reflection Prairie project. With excitement, we are pleased to share that work has begun for the 2023 construction year. Here's an update on what we plan to accomplish for the remainder of the year.

Current Status of Reflection Prairie Project

The late spring has delayed construction; however, work has resumed. Dirt work started last week with the installation of the drain tile to allow the site to drain. The storm water pond outlets have not been constructed yet which is causing water to remain on the construction site. Once the drainage system is established, the standing water will be able to drain off-site.

Progress has been made on the Reflection Prairie project since the start in 2022. The water and sewer are completed. This includes the storm water system, which is 90% done.

What is Expected to Be Completed by the End of the Year?

Construction crews are working hard to alleviate the lack of water drainage in the sites. There’s a significant amount of grading that will need to be done along with plenty of digging for stormwater pond development. Plus, the remaining storm sewer piping will also need to be installed.

Beyond prepping the lot with dirt work for homes at the development, the road base will also be completed. Road construction will run through September of this year.

Sometime in late summer or early autumn, concrete curbs, gutters, and catch basin work will start. We expect to start paving this autumn as well.

Exciting Milestone by Year End!

In a few short months, the Homes of Reflection Prairie will go from looking like an active construction site to a future neighborhood for you, your friend or family member. There will be no more imagining what the development will look like with individualized lots viewable in person. Weather permitting, a very common obstacle for Minnesota construction, there is the possibility of a roof line by the end of the year!

Significant progress has been made already and we know residents and business owners are looking forward to seeing work begin at the development sites this spring. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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