How to Prepare to Build on Reflection Prairie

The new housing development at Reflection Prairie is progressing nicely. Many residents have purchase agreements in place on their single-family lots and are looking forward to building their new homes. Others are interested in lots and may be wondering how the building process works. Here’s a look at how to prepare to build on Reflection Prairie.

Start Searching for a Contractor

The first thing to do (after you have a purchase agreement) is to begin searching for a contractor to build your new home on Reflection Prairie. Redwood Falls has many excellent contractors available, but it can be hard to narrow that list down to one contractor. Here are a few tips on selecting a contractor so you can begin preparing to build your new home.


1) Verify Licensing

A trustworthy contractor will have the appropriate license to build homes in the state of Minnesota. Be sure to ask any contractors you’re considering whether they’re licensed. You can even look up their license numbers to make sure they’re in good standing.

Check References And History

2) Check References and History

Get to know a potential contractor a bit by asking about their business. You may want to ask when they started their business or how many homes they’ve built, for example. It’s helpful to ask for a reference or two as well. That way, you can talk to other homeowners who have worked with the contractor before.

Verify Information

3) Verify Contractor Contact Information

You’ll need to communicate regularly with any contractor you hire. Before getting quotes, ask for a contractor’s phone number and business address. This will help you make sure that they have a local (or somewhat local) address and a working phone number. And if a contractor is hard to reach during the quoting process, keep in mind that it also may be hard to reach them during the building process.

Get Quotes

4) Get Quotes

Once you’ve done some background work on the contractors you’re considering, it’s time to ask them for quotes. Make sure they give you written quotes so you can reference them later. Generally, a quote should include details about the home and a breakdown of costs along with an estimated total.

Choose Contractor

5) Choose Your Contractor

After the quotes have come in, it’s time to choose a contractor. Cost is important but be sure to consider whether their communication style suits you, their experience, and their references, too. It’s helpful to choose a contractor that you get along with, because building a home will take several months and requires quite a bit of collaboration.

Preparing to Build Your Home on Reflection Prairie

Reflection Prairie is a wonderful place to call home. If you have questions about choosing a contractor or buying a lot, please give us a call.

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